2020 Hall of Flame

We Buckle Champions.

Welcome to the 2020 Hall of Flame.

This is our virtual museum dedicated to the winners of The Cowboy Cup in 2020.

Challengers from every corner of Oklahoma came to the battleground in search of their place in Cannabis History. In a year marked with unfortunate events, the cannabis industry remained calm and showed why they're essential.

Here we have The Best of The Best on display.

Read on to find out who went home with a coveted Cowboy Cup Belt Buckle.

Glazed Apricot Gelato

2020 was more of the same for Resonant Cultivation. They’re a house of consistent high-quality and a mission to bring that quality to the patients. Their Glazed Apricot Gelato reigned supreme as a patient favorite through 2020. You can tell by the reviews left all over the internet throughout the year.

In an April review, Fajita Cologne pinned the not-so-subtle details of The Glazed Apricot Gelato perfectly:

This flower is incredibly sweet smelling out of the jar. Very fruity that hints at sweet apricot or peach aromas. Once the flower is grinded down, it releases a spicy gassy waft with a bit of zest. All those aromas blend into one unique taste experience. Spicy, Piney, Fruit, Gassy, and perhaps a touch of mint flavor to the after taste.”

Resonant Cultivation has proven time and again that they are for the people.

Along with Express Toxicology, Resonant Cultivation partnered to support The Cowboy Cup and donate $4,050 to Our Daily Bread, a Stillwater food bank. A huge win for the people!

Amazing with their flower, and amazing with their morals. Resonant Cultivation is your 2020 Flower Grand Champion.

Grower: Resonant Cultivation
Breeder: Compound Genetics

Lineage: Gelato + Legend Orange Apricot
Photo: Rambling Hippie

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