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Oklahoma’s, (maybe the nation’s), most fair, ethical and comprehensive cannabis competition. In fact, our motto is “You Can’t Buy our Buckle”.

The answer to these big company cannabis events that leave you wondering why you didn’t have as much fun as you were convinced you were going to the week before. We have partnered with some of the most respected names in the industry to bring you an event with all of the fun and excitement you hoped for.

Oklahomans and are for the people who live here in our wonderful state. When the show is over, we are here the other 363 days of the year pushing for our sponsors, vendors and working to keep patient rights.

For everyone. Well, everyone over the age of 18. Our event is 100% handicap accessible. You will be treated with the dignity and respect you deserve no matter who you are.

One heck of a good time. With vendors, live music, seminars, giveaways, art exhibits and local artisans there won’t be a dull moment. We can’t wait to see you there!!

December 2021

Tumbleweed Dance Hall

Stillwater, Oklahoma

The Battle Begins in:


December 4th

Doors Open at 4:00

Big Smo - 6:45

Award Ceremony - 7:30

Jack Waters & The Unemployed - 9:00

TJ Mayes - 11:00

December 5th

Doors Open at 10:00

Korean Natural Farming - 1:00

Tissue Culture by Bill Graham - 2:45

Solventless Extraction - 4:00

Charlie Redd & The Full Flava Kings - 7:00

Rousey - 9:00

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